A Private School in Delaware for Preschool, Elementary, and Middle School Students


St. Anne's Episcopal School is pleased to provide limited transportation; our goal is to provide a safe, enjoyable experience and design routes each year that combine convenience with minimal time on the bus or van. Pick-up spots, in general, are at convenient central locations, as the school cannot make stops at each student's home. To help us meet our goal, we ask parents to submit a transportation contract and to support their child(ren) in abiding by the rules outlined in the contract. All school rules apply to students while riding in school vehicles.

  • Annual Transportation fees are based on the number of miles traveled from the bus stop to the school.

  • Afternoon transportation will leave from St. Anne's at approximately 3:25 pm.

  • No afternoon transportation is provided for Pre-K students.

  • Transportation routes will be emailed and published on St. Anne's website prior to the start of school.

  • If fuel prices exceed $4.00 gallon for a sustained period of time, St. Anne's reserves the right to assess a fuel surcharge. 

Pilot Program: Dover, DE Middle School Activities Bus/Van

In response to feedback St. Anne's received from families residing in the Dover area who have contracted for transportation services, we will be implementing a pilot program for the 13/14 school year that will provide after-school transportation for those middle school students participating in various after-school activities (sport, music lessons, tutoring). This service will be provided Monday, Tuesday and Thursday only; the bus/van will depart from the school at 5:15pm and will transport students to the Little School in Dover (105 Mont Blanc Blvd.)

2014-2015 Transportation Contract Dover Only

2014-2015 Transportation Contract

2013-2014 Bus Routes

Transportation Expectations Guidelines